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Bed bugs are an absolute nuisance to be around. These are bloodsucking creatures that like to disturb sleeping people. Bed bugs commonly bite and feed during the day. You may get an itchy bite patch on your skin. In Dandenong, we Pest Control Dandenong have been offering the best quality bed bug treatments. We have been in the Bed Bugs Control Dandenong industry for years now. Our bed bug exterminators focus on quick bed bugs removal at affordable rates. No matter where you reside in Dandenong or what level of the bed bug problem you may have- we are here to take care of all your domestic & commercial bed bug removal needs. Call us for same-day bookings at 03 4050 7737. 

What bed bug control process do we follow?

Pest Control Dandenong takes pride in following the top-class procedures to remove bed bugs completely from your property! We follow the below-mentioned bed bug pest control process. However, a little customization is always entertained. Check it below: 

  • Inspection of the area: We first examine the affected area and nearby regions. Also, we have the best bed bug inspection tools to make the analysis quick. 
  • Remove the cause of infestation: Post inspection, we focus on removing the source and select the method for bed bug removal.
  • Fumigation Or Fogging: Depending on the pest activity, we either fumigate your place or apply a fogging method to control bed bugs. 
  • Pesticides spray: Our bug exterminators are using effective and natural pesticides that show immediate results. 
  • Baits and repellents set up and monitoring: Sometimes, we either apply repellents and baits and monitor them till the bedbugs are trapped successfully.
  • Dead pest removal: We sum up the service by removing the dead bed bugs and re-inspecting your property. We do suggest a few bed bug prevention tips to clients for free.

Our expert’s assistance for reducing Bed Bugs in and around your premises

Bed bugs are hard to detect as they usually hide in narrow crevices and cracks. However, you can’t prevent these nasty bed bugs by following a few prevention tips: 

  • Cover The Power Outlets: bedbugs use your power outlets to make nestings. So, try to cover the outlets wherever possible. 
  • Store The Clothing In Sealed Bags: This is a really important trick when you are travelling. Bed bugs cause harm to your clothing and make holes in them. So, you can simply use sealed bags for securing clothes. 
  • Get Expert Bed Bugs Treatment: You must not handle bed bug nesting on your own- as they can bite you. So, it is better to get bed bug treatment done by hiring professionals. 
  • Identify the early symptoms of bed bugs: educate yourself & your family about basic bed bug nesting symptoms and how to detect if it’s a bed bug bite or not. 
  • Vacuum The Floors: Bed bugs just do not live in beds, they simply can live anywhere. However, the spread of bed bugs can be reduced by regular vacuuming. 

Bed Bugs & Health and Property Damage They Pose

In Dandenong, there are two major species of bed bugs. They are- Cimex hemipterus and Cimex lectularius. Here are a few health and property-related issues associated with bed bugs. 

Health Problems:  

  • Bed bug bites can give a long-lasting itching. And the more you scratch it the worse it gets. 
  • Living in a bed full of bed bugs can give you stress and anxiety. 
  • A few bed bug bites have allergic reactions too. For instance- swollen lips or tongue and tightness inside the throat. 
  • Lack of sleep due to continuous bites of bed bugs at night.

Property Damage: 

  • Bed bugs live in second-hand furniture and at times they live in your attics and infest in your clothing. 
  • Bed bugs make holes in clothes as well as damage your furniture from within. 

Kinds of properties & premises In Dandenong where we offer our services

Here in Dandenong, Pest Control Dandenong offers the most effective bed bug treatments for both residential and commercial properties. We maximise the use of state-of-art technology for all of our bed bug Control Dandenong services. We can be accessed in the following locations:

  • Commercial Buildings- offices 
  • Public Hospitals And Private Clinics 
  • Kids Healthcare Associations
  • Manufacturing Units- Industries and Warehouses
  • All-Academic Institutions, Schools and Colleges
  • Eateries, Restaurants And Hotels 
  • Shops, Malls as well as complexes
  • Private Homes, Guest House And Residential Societies

Our Key Specialities Of Pest control Services in Dandenong

As a local bed bug treatment provider in Dandenong, we ensure safe and accurate service guidance to customers. Look at our most-called services below:

  • Emergency and same day pest control

Bed Bugs have very weird behaviour. At times you are not even aware of their presence and sometimes they get on your nerves. This is why our bed bug control specialists offer same day and emergency services for controlling bed bugs. 

  • End of lease pest control

Do you have time for bed bugs treatment at home? If not then, we can help you with an affordable end of lease bed bug control service. We are a well-sound company in Dandenong and give on-time and reliable services. 

  • Pre-purchase pest inspection and control

We are a local bed bug inspection company that can guide you with a complete pre-buy bed bug inspection service. Just call us and we will help you with a quick inspection report. Later, you can alter the buying decision accordingly. 

  • Large area pest infestation treatment

We can conduct large scale bed bug inspections for you. So, if almost all your furniture (couches, chairs, beds or sofas) are affected by bed bugs, we can help. Call us and get a customized bed bug control plan ready! 

  • Eco-friendly pest treatment for all pests

You can count on us for green bed bug removal and control services. We provide long-lasting services by using safe, neutral and natural pesticides and insecticides. So, reach out to us for a pet, child and human-friendly service. 

We’re Insured to inspect & treat all pests! Here Are A Few Major Reasons For Hiring Us

Pest Control Dandenong has a reputed bed bugs control Dandenong team that offers several benefits to clients. Call us and avail top-class treatments for bed bugs, mentioned below: 

  • Local Professionals: We have hired only local pest controllers that are licensed and experienced in their field.
  • Affordable service: Get hands-on with any of our services and get it at an inexpensive price.
  • Best team: We have the best team for Dandenong clients. Call us to get the best-level bed bug control done.
  • Modern methods: We always make use of advanced and modern methods for bed bug control.
  • Safe methods: Our company keeps on improving the quality of pest treatment methods. As well as ensuring all treatments are safe for you & family.
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What areas do you serve to control bed bugs in and around Dandenong?

Our company ensures serving maximum locations with bed bug treatments in and around Dandenong. For instance- you can schedule us in Dandenong, Belgrave, Emerald, Cockatoo, Gembrook,  Kallista, Kalorama and Lilydale, etc. 

How many years have you been in the bed bug control business? 

We have been in the bed bug control industry for more than 10 years now. You can unhesitantly call us for a reliable and inexpensive solution for bed bugs.

Do you offer free quotations?

Yes, we can help you with free pest control and prevention quotations. However, the exact price to be paid is subject to change. 

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