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Do you want to make your home possum-free? Well, everyone in this world looks for making their life beautiful and perfect and keeping your place free of possums and other pests is one of the aspects. Here at Pest Control Dandenong, we are always available for these kinds of services for your home. We are the most trustworthy company in Dandenong. To get rid of possums and other rodents, you need not do anything as we have the perfect solution for you. So, whenever you need assistance with Possum Removal Dandenong you can contact us. We help you with his best pest control services.

Why Should You Hire The Possum Removal Team?

We all know that possums are very dangerous for us and that is why you should not come in contact with them. The experts can remove them safely from your property. Besides these, there are too many reasons you should hire a possum removal team: 

  • It is very important to remove possums from our home or balcony because they create too much dust and waste from their activities and they can attack if you disturb them. That is why it is very necessary to call experts. 
  • These creatures are very bad because they can bite you. There have been several cases of possum attacks and bites among our clients. Experts will catch them safely and relocate them to safe forests.
  • It is very necessary to remove all those kinds of pests by which we may get ill so that is why pest control is very much necessary when you have possums on your property.
  • We know that possums are very harmful and they can spread germs and bacteria which are very dangerous for us and our family members. So if you use the service of possum pest control experts you can save yourself from illness.
  • It provides you with the possibility of a clean home as well. With the service of removing the possums, you can see that your home is clean.

You Can Call Us For Many Possum Removal Dandenong Needs

There are many companies available in the market which will provide you Possum Removal Dandenong service but it is very hard to find a company like us which is real and who can do your work with perfection and that is why it is very necessary to choose the right company. Here are the services for which you can call us: 

  • Residential possum removal
  • Commercial possum removal
  • Pre-purchase possum inspection
  • Emergency possum removal service 
  • Same day possum removal service
  • Dead possum removal service

We often see the things which happen when possums and other rodents come into our homes and infest. Our possum pest removal service provides you with a better solution, as well as we can provide you with better tips and tricks for future prevention.

Step By Step Instructions To Remove Possums In The House 

Here are a few things you can accomplish for possum removal in your home: 

  • Mark the area where you have spotted the possum
  • If it is one, you can catch it with the help of a sac but for more, you may need nets and trap boxes. 
  • Do not go near them without proper safety gears, and force them to move towards the net or trap you have set. 
  • After they move into the trap boxes, sacs or nets you can bind them tightly, but leave a place for them to survive easily. 
  • Remove the boxes and get them ready for relocation. 

In this way, you can follow our instructions to remove possums safely from your home. Our experts also follow something similar to these for possum removal services. 

Different Premises From Where We Can Remove Possums

We have baits, traps and nets to catch pests that need safe removal. We can set these at your property for catching possums. Our teams have done this before and it’s safe for the animals to be trapped in the yard. If you have to have possum proofing, then it’s a major thing that needs to be done. You can look at the back of your building for possum proofing signs and what you might need to do. You would have to set wire mesh all over the building to keep possums out. Also, you can build a wall to keep possums out. We can do these works on the following premises: 

  • Private Homes And Residential Societies
  • Commercial Premises
  • Eateries, Restaurants And Hotels 
  • Shops And Malls 
  • Hospitals And Clinics 
  • Kids Healthcare Centres
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Schools, All-Academic Institutions, and Colleges

Why Are We The Best Possum Removal Service Team To Hire In Dandenong?

There are many companies which have a good response from their customers and that is why those companies are very famous for their work. Similarly, many things are making our service team more essential and efficient so we will look at all those benefits in key points:

  • Cheaper Prices: – We have been providing possum removal services at very cheap prices. If you call us for possum removal, then you need to pay $160 only which is a very cheap rate. 
  • Efficient Experts: – Our possum removal service experts work very efficiently and you can call them at any time of the day. It makes us more useful to you. 
  • Punctual: – We are very punctual about the time because when we give you the fixed time then we will reach that time only. 
  • Perfect Service: If you want the perfect service of possum removal then you must hire us. We are very efficient with our work so you can go for assistance. 
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Possums stumble into my rooftop around evening time, how would I be able to respond? 

Most of the possums that find their way into the rooftop aren’t all that friendly. You can stand in the entryway, and watch. If they don’t come up and go outside, you will have to call experts. 

I have possums in my nursery, how would I get them far from my plants? 

You can call the possum removal experts who will catch and relocate the possum to the forests. This is the safest way to save your nursery from possums. You must be knowing, you can not kill possums as they are under the protection of the wildlife act. 

What is your response time in case of severe possum issues in a home?

Our team can reach your place within an hour of your bookings in such cases. We are known for our fastest response in Dandenong.

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