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Getting rid of Silverfish is not easy to tackle on your own. If you are looking for a team to get rid of silverfishes in Dandenong, you can hire experts from Pest Control Dandenong. Our team can identify silverfishes you are dealing with at your house, and we use the best and affordable methods to deal with Infestations. Our team for Silverfish Control Dandenong has excellent quality service standards, which are difficult to match by anyone in all of Dandenong. We have been able to maintain the high quality of our service due to years of exposure in the same industry. We are proud to provide help in Dandenong; to keep your home free of pests at an affordable cost.

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Why Should You Keep Silverfish Away from Your Houses and Business areas?

In Dandenong and different areas of Australia, Silverfish is a widespread household pest that can be found just about everywhere, from homes to restaurants to commercial buildings and even in some outdoor spaces. 

  • Silverfish not only cause damage to the house and business area. In addition, they’re also a threat to public health because their feces or exoskeleton can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. 
  • Silverfish can be a severe threat to your health if you aren’t concerned about their presence at home. Silverfish carry bacteria that cause allergic dermatitis and other infections in people or animals that contact them or with their waste products. 
  • However, not only allergens are an issue for our well-being: silverfish feeding on various organic substances may leave toxic byproducts behind. In addition to being dangerous for human beings, these toxins may cause further damage to property such as books and even paintings.
  • They lay several eggs at once after becoming an adult, which means that these pests multiply very quickly, causing more damage each day.

The best way to prevent all possible damages caused by this pest is a home silverfish extermination.

Where Do Silverfishes Stay In Your House? 

Silverfishes generally stay in dark areas such as under the sink or behind furniture. It can be a pest if it changes its habitat then it starts invading your home garden. When Silverfish invade your house, you will discover why this tiny creature can become a severe problem for your home.

If Silverfish invade your house, they will try to hide from you. To do so, these pests have a unique ability called silvery reflective colour that helps them blend into their surroundings. In addition, Silverfish move around with the help of thousands of bristles located on their body, allowing them to climb or scuttle across any surface. Silverfish also have powerful back legs, which will enable them to jump toward objects rapidly.

How We Do Silverfish Control Inspection for House or Business Areas

If you want to protect yourself from Silverfish, you should know where they hide and what they look like so that you can prevent them from invading your house. 

Silverfish often cause damage to books, papers, and other fabric items. For example, Silverfish leave behind their chemical signature called “feces”. If you’re staying inside the house for an extended period, you might detect the presence of Silverfish by shiny spots on your book pages or sofa fabrics. The existence of Silverfish is an indication that there are moist areas somewhere within your home because these pests can’t survive without moisture even though they can survive for around ten days without food. That means it’s essential to inspect places like under dishwashers or washing machines due to high humidity, which attracts silverfish infestation.

Besides, you need to check your ventilation system and seal any openings or cracks on the outside walls of the house, which provides Silverfish with an opportunity to get in. Silverfish can survive in any part of the house, including the bathroom, kitchen, basement, garage, and so on.

Controlling Silverfish is not easy for individuals because these pests have a very high reproduction rate if humans do not disturb their habitat. That’s why eliminating Silverfish requires a particular skill that you may not be capable of doing alone. However, it doesn’t mean you have to spend too much money on controlling Silverfish in the house because Pest Control Dandenong can help you out at reasonable and affordable prices.  

How do you get rid of them? Here are five simple tips to help get rid of Silverfish:

1) Get Rid of Clutter

Get rid of any clutter around your home, including piles of paper magazines and newspapers, old clothing (especially cotton), cardboard boxes that contain food items, pet food bags, etc. These items should be discarded or stored in airtight containers where Silverfish cannot reach them.

2) Clean Your Home Regularly

Make sure you clean your home regularly. Silverfish like dirty, dark, and moist conditions, so make sure the areas where they hide get a good amount of lighting and ventilation. You can also put some deodorant or air fresheners in certain spots to repel them away.

3) Vacuum Regularly

Make sure you vacuum your home frequently because Silverfish live in piles of paper and items that collect dust. You can even use a shop vac or blower for this purpose if needed. Just be careful not to harm these creatures while vacuuming – more than likely, they will escape before you suck them up with the hose attachment.

4) Seal Up Holes And Cracks In Your Home’s Structure

Silverfish like to burrow into the crevices in your home where they can hide and multiply. Seal up these crevices with caulk or other waterproof substances to prevent Silverfish from entering your home.

5) Silverfish Repellent

You can always use certain repellents like citrus spray or cedar oil (if you can afford it). This will not eliminate the Silverfish, but at least it will chase them away for a while. Just make sure you do not leave any chemical residue in your home that could harm pets or people that live there.

As a last resort, Pest Control Dandenong is an expert in eliminating pests from homes and other residential and commercial properties by offering different solutions like spraying, fogging, and removing complete nests or colonies that may exist in your attic or other places. With our high-quality service, you can get rid of your household silverfish without worrying about replacing expensive furniture items damaged by these unwanted guests.

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