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If you have not been able to monitor the situation yourself and think that there may be a rodent problem on your property, then it’s best to call professionals from us. At Pest Control Dandenong, we offer comprehensive rodent control measures across Dandenong for both commercial properties and residential homes. We can help improve the general hygiene and appearance of your building and prevent damage to food sources and equipment. We offer competitive rates with flexible Rodent Control Dandenong service hours to suit you. Our specialities include:

  • General pest inspection and removal
  • Residential pest control
  • Commercial pest control
  • Pre-purchase pest inspection
  • Emergency pest control service 
  • Same day pest control 
  • Dead pest removal service
  • End of lease pest control

Thus, for pest control solutions for rodents across Dandenong, contact us today.

Why Should You Keep Rodents Away From Your Houses and Business areas?

  • Rodents are among the most common pests inhabiting residential and commercial areas. When outside, it can cause damage to crops, but when they enter your house or business area, that’s where rodents become dangerous. When it comes to an indoor infestation of rodents, you should know what could happen if they multiply inside your house or business area. If the number of rodents exceeds just one or two, this is something that should be taken care of immediately – even if we’re talking about just mice.
  • Rodents tend to reproduce at high rates and can quickly become quite problematic, so you don’t want them to take over your home unchecked. It’s essential to act fast so that you can reduce the risk of them getting comfortable enough to start leaving droppings and urine around your property, as well as spreading diseases through their saliva and skin cells. 
  • Rodents carry various diseases that are transmitted through their droppings, body fluids, and urine, such as salmonella (which causes food poisoning), rat-bite fever (which can affect the liver, kidney, and blood vessels), and leptospirosis (affects the kidneys). Aside from transmitting disease, rodents also weaken building structures by gnawing on them, causing severe structural damages to buildings over time. Not only that they can damage food stores, but also they contaminate them.

So, when you notice rodents or signs of infestation in your houses, such as dark specks (droppings) and holes on flooring, walls, and another part of the house, then it’s essential to get rid of these pests quickly before the problem gets out of hand.

How We Do Rodent Control Inspection For House Or Business Areas In Dandenong

Mice and rats commonly infest stores, restaurants, warehouses, office buildings, and other food areas. They can cause several problems for store owners. Some of the features of mice inspection can be picked out quickly, but others will need some more detailed attention. Here is where you might consider using some form of visual aid to enable you to see better – i.e. a torch or headlight.

* Rodents tend to run along walls and cables. However, mice prefer pipes because their diameter is perfect for mice-sized bodies. Look for exit holes and wall corners where mice can enter into wires or pipes that act as highways running throughout the structure allowing mice access to anywhere they want to go. Annoyingly, they also use cabling as nesting material, which means if you have mice in your warehouse, they will likely create a place for themselves in the cabling. These places are made from shredded material, mice dung, and saliva, which is why they have a terrible odour.

* Rodents have very poor eyesight, so you should be able to approach mice without being detected, provided you don’t make any sudden movements. If you manage to scare mice away, though, it’s unlikely that you will see them again for at least 24 hours as they are likely to hide somewhere safe, which may not be close by.

* You can use electrical equipment to detect mice activity – i.e. an electric ‘ultrasonic pest repeller plugged into the mains supply socket – but remember this type of device won’t necessarily repel mice all the time, and mice will be aware of this and so find somewhere safe to hide.

* Never assume mice won’t go somewhere; mice can enter holes as small as 1mm in diameter – the hole only needs to be big enough for their head to get through. The best advice is never to leave any gaps or access points that mice could use without closing them up with metal plates (preferably not plastic ones).

Tips and Tricks on Rodent Control by Pest Control Dandenong

While the pest control industry has different methods for exterminating rodent populations, these tricks and tips can significantly lower the rodent population if carried out correctly. 

1. Mousetraps are one of the most well-known ways pest control professionals use to control pest populations. While traps can be effective, pest control for rats and pest control for mice is more humane than using pest control traps. You’ll need to learn how to bait a mousetrap, so it catches the pests you want rather than your pets or other small animals.

2. Glue boards are another pest control method used by pest management professionals. There is debate over whether glue boards are an inhumane way of getting rid of rodents, but pest control for rats and pest management professionals agree that glue boards work well if placed correctly and used with caution. Glue boards come in different shapes and sizes depending on where they’re going to be placed. They contain a non-toxic, sticky adhesive that ensures the rodent gets trapped rather than escaping.

3. Rodenticides are pest control products that can kill pest populations over time but are not considered for rats or pest management as they do not eliminate them far enough from the area. Rodents must stop eating rat poison for a certain period before they die, and there’s always a risk of another animal eating their dead bodies later on. As an alternative pest control method, pest control traps or rodenticide baits may appeal to you more.

When all else fails with pest control for rats, call pest management professionals from Pest Control Dandenong who use various methods, including toxic bait stations and infestation removal techniques. Pest Control Dandenong experts will help you get rid of pest populations before they become too big of a pest control issue. 

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